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  • Welcome to Ayo’s Cakes and Bakes

    Hello everyone, and wishing you a warm welcome to ayocakes.com. For those of you who I spoke to at some of the events I attended in 2018, you may remember me mentioning that one of my plans/goals was to update my website.

    My previous site started off as a blog, which I tweaked slightly after I registered my cake business. It was ok, but my desire was to have a site that improved your customer journey, and made it easier to order from Ayo’s Cakes and Bakes.

    Fast forward to 4th February 2019, and ayoscakes.com was born. The addition of a blog to this site is somewhat overdue, however, with everything going on in the world currently with COVID-19, I am trying to use the opportunity to implement things I’ve had on my to-do list for a while. One of them being this blog.

    I logged back into my old site earlier today, and while I didn’t blog very consistently/often, it did serve as a lovely reminder to myself. I’m very much looking forward to starting up again and equally hope you’ll enjoy seeing what is produced as a result.

    Exctied for this new begninning and hope you all come along from the ride!

    With Love, Ayo.